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Edition 2011-09-21 09:36:55
The first concrete steps

Dear friends of The Business Machine

During the last months and weeks, The Business Machine was moving foreward quite quickly. It is an exciting experience to be part of this process! For those who do not have a lot of time: here comes a short summary:

  1. The association The Business Machine Europe has been created. Become a member in order to support us!
  2. In November, a first group of 10 tourists will try out "Social Tourism" in Ethiopia. If you are interested in a trip in spring 2012, contact us!
  3. On 1st of October, the game group organises a workshop on the creation of a table game based on an Ethiopian story. We are still looking for a few creative or playful participants. Contact us if you are interested!
  4. Poultry group plans start for 2012
  5. If you are interested in Ethiopia and living in Switzerland, we recommend you the site of the Swiss-Ethiopian network (
  6. From 1st of October there is a new Ethiopian restaurant in Bern: check out !

Creation of the association The Business Machine Europe
On the European side, an association has been created, in order to facilitate our next steps. We have now the possibility to launch the projects, to search funds, to organise events etc. The Ethiopian side is not yet formally organised, but the next steps are on the way.
If you live in Europe and if you would like to support the idea of The Business Machine, you can now officially become a member of the association. The 11 current funding members - all of them part of one of the business groups, would be happy to welcome you on board!
As a member, you can decide about the association's strategy during the (online) General Assembly (foreseen for March 2012). The membership fee for active and passive members has been fixed at 50 Franks/ 40 Euro per year. For the first (half) year the fee is therefore 25 Franks/ 20 Euro. We would be very happy if you decide to join us, as a large number of members will give us more legitimacy. Please find our inscription form and the Articles of Association on:

Pilot trip Social Tourism
The Social Tourism group takes an next big step for implementing the business idea: from 6th to 17th of November a group of 10 tourists will visit Ethiopia during 11 days and be in close contact with the local population: The group will spend 3 days in the Gurage region (south-west of Addis Ababa) and participate in everyday rural life in Ethiopia: ploughing the field with Oxen, preparing traditional food from the false Banana plant and brewing traditional alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, the tourists will be in Addis Ababa, where they will try out traditional handicraft like basket-making, weaving or leather works. They will stay two nights in local families and at the end try to find their own way in the fascinating "ant house" of Addis Ababa. We will use the pilot trip to find out, what works well and where we need to modifiy our idea. The current trip is booked out, but there is a big chance that the adventure will continue in spring 2012. If you are interested or know people that might be, don't hesitate to contact us! (

Game with king Tewodros
The game group has choosen the story of king Tewodros, the heroic king of the 19th century as the first topic for a game they want to create. The Ethiopia side was very active and has put together a simple idea for a game. The next step is on the European side: on Saturday, first of October, they will organise a workshop in Bern with the objective, to check out the Ethiopian idea, to give feedback and to make suggestions for modifications of the game. We are still looking for a few participants, that would like to give us their "brain" for the topic. The workshop will be created in a way that it is an interesting and funny experience itself. Would you like to come to have a look? Please find more information on

Poultry group
We have identified the project (small chicken house with 1000 layer chicken to try out the feasibility of our idea) and the location (Awassa, south of Ethiopia). However, during the last weeks the project has faced some delays. The group nevertheless is confident to start the project next year and then to go forward according to the first lessons learnt.

Swiss Ethiopian Network
A few months ago, a network of Ethiopian and Swiss people has been created in Bern. The aim is to bring together people who are interested in Ethiopia, to organise events or simply to act as a platform for sharing experiences and culture. If you are interested in the topic, check out

New Ethiopian Restaurant in Bern
Those of you who live in Switzerland might know Awraris Girma: he is just starting an Ethiopian Restaurant in the Läggasse Quartier in Bern (Gesellschaftsstrasse 38)! If you miss the Injera too much, it is for sure the place you should go. The restaurant opens in October. On the first of October, there will be an official inauguration. Don't miss it! Check out

Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions or suggestions, we are happy to receive your feedback!

kind regards,

The Business Machine Newsletter Team