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Edition 2011-05-16 10:56:37
Business Machine Newsletter: Ready for take off?

Very often evolution is not a linear process, but rather a combination of stagnation and concentrated and quick changes.

The Business Machine seems to be perfectly in line with this rule: after a very energetic start in March 2010 and one year of rather slow progresses, we seem to be again in a time where things move:

During the last month, Stephan and Diana from the initial European group have been in Ethiopia in order to check with the partners there how to proceed in the different groups (poultry, social tourism and table games). The results of the visit are different for the 3 groups, but in general rather positive:



One additional person could be found to join the team. Dr. Aberra Melesse is poultry specialist at the university of Awassa and he brings the necessary knowledge in the team that was still missing so far. The group agreed to start in the south of Ethiopia a small pilot project with 1000 layer chickens (egg production). If everything works according to the plan, the first chicken should be housed in September this year.

Currently the business plan is being finalized in order to have the facts and figures to take the final decision about the profitability of the project.


Social tourism:

So far the challenge of the social tourism group was the fact that none of the original members on the Ethiopian side remained in the group. The visit of Diana and Stephan was therefore also intended to build up the relationship of trust between the partners necessary for the future communication. This was done very successfully: Wondimagegn Temessa and Abyie Ghenna are the partners we were looking for. Together, the European and the Ethiopian team set up the itinary for the first pilot group. The visit is foreseen for October or November 2011. Currently, the draft programme is being finalized. More details for all those interested in taking part in the trip will follow soon.


Table games:

The Ethiopian team of the table game group has been enlarged by 2 young and motivated people. The group will now try to work concretely on a small trial game that should be produced for the Ethiopian New Year (September 2011). If this works fine, the next milestone (game) is foreseen for the European New Year.


The future structure of the Business Machine:

With the progress of the different groups, the question of the future structure of The Business Machine is becoming more important. The Ethiopian group and the two European representatives came to the conclusion, that a legal structure on both sides is crucial for the future progress. Both sides will make the necessary legal investigations and also negotiate the internal structure of The Business Machine. Different options are currently under analysis (one integrated company, a network of independent companies, The Business Machine as a investment and knowledge transfer company…). On the Ethiopian side the climate for creating new enterprises is good and the procedures are rather easy. Nevertheless many questions are still open, namely also the fact that we will need a certain amount of initial capital in order to get an investment permit. We hope that these questions can be solved during the next few months and that the structures will become clear by then in order to allow the 3 projects to really take off.

We will keep you updated. However, if you have any experience or other things to contribute to the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now.


The Business Machine newsletter team