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Edition 2011-03-11 14:21:12
Travel with us to Ethiopia!

Dear readers

It is almost one year, since 7 people from Europe met 7 people from Ethiopia in Addis Ababa in order to discuss potential business ideas, which could present an alternative to the current development approach who is basically focused on aid.

Looking back at the last 12 months we can say that sometimes things slowed down and sometimes they accelerated. Right now, we are in a phase where everything seems to getting faster: The three groups (poultry farming, development of board games and social tourism) have taken a new breath and are proceeding.


With great pleasure we present you the first concrete outcome:



The social tourism group is looking for first customers eager to discover Ethiopia.

Under the motto “Discover, Learn, Participate” we offer a trip, that allows you to discover Ethiopia from inside, to meet people, to learn local handicrafts and to live some unforgettable adventures.

A first visit in a group of maximum 10 people is planned for the Easter time (16 – 25 April). As the period for preparation is really short, we also envisage to offer a second trip in October.


And here is the deal:

Being a pilot project, our most important objective is to learn for future trips. Therefore we can offer you this unique trip at a really good price. On the other hand, we appreciate your feedback before, during and after the trip. You will also have the possibility to adapt the programme according to your wishes and interests.

For more details, have a look on our website ( or write directly to Nabila ( can also check and/or like our facebook page:!/pages/Ethiopia-Discover-Learn-Participate/178563642190351


Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, as the deadline is approaching! If you know other people that might be interested in the trip, thanks for forwarding this message!


Your Business Machine newsletter team