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Edition 2010-03-29 12:04:14
Short update after the meeting in Ethiopia

Dear everybody

A little bit more than one week ago, the creativity meeting of The Business Machine in Addis Ababa was closed. The 14 participants - 7 from Ethiopia, 7 from different European countries - all have given a very positive feedback about the week: We managed to create a good team spirit, and to conduct the meeting in an atmosphere that was promoting creativity, interest in other people's opinions and of full committment. Therefore, the outcome is very positive, too: among various business ideas, 3 have been selected to be worked in detail in the near future and 3 other possibilities are on the waiting list to hopefully be tackled later on.

The priority business fields are:

  • Poultry production in Ethiopia --> The idea is to start on small scale by building some production units that hopefully can be enlarged later on. The demand for eggs and chicken meat is huge and not yet fully met. Meeting the population's needs could turn out to be a very successful idea.
  • Social tourism --> Tourism is one of the development priorities of the Ethiopian government, yet it is mainly understood as showing the historical monuments or Ethiopia's amazing landscape. Therefore we would like to set a different focus and to connect people, for example by hosting visitors in Ethiopian families or by offering workshops in typical handicrafts. Travel to learn could be the motto of this idea.
  • Table games --> Table games are very popular in different European countries yet not so much in Ethiopia. On the other hand Ethiopia is so rich in legends and stories that would be perfectly usable for such games. Therefore we want to produce table games based on Ethiopian culture - for example for Ethiopians living abroad to connect them to their country. 

Waiting list ideas:

  • Reforestation of land if possible combined with CO2 compensation.
  • Import trading to bring most needed materials to Ethiopia and sell them locally.
  • Autonomous technology, namely solar based, for remote areas in Ethiopia.


Currently, three groups are working on the ideas. In depth checks for feasibility, expert consultations and the drafting of a business plan will be the next steps during the coming monthes. There will be meetings and online consultations both in Europe and in Ethiopia. If new people are interested in joining one of the groups, this should in priciple be possible. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, the future structure of The Business Machine and the connection between different business areas will have to be defined. So, there is quite a little bit of work waiting for us...

More information material about the meeting, the business ideas and the next steps will be provided during the coming weeks. We will also keep you updated on our website (

To give you some impressions of the meeting, please find attached two photos!

kind regards

The Business Machine Newsletter Team