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Edition 2010-03-10 12:50:06
five days to go until The Business Machine starts.

Dear everybody

Just a few days to go until The Business Machine will start in Ethiopia. Currently, three participants from Europe already arrived in Addis Ababa. The rest of the group will come during the next days. So far, the whole preparation works fine: everybody from the Ethiopian and the European group seems to be really motivated and committed to the idea. Yet, the next week will show what the project will bring. It is not so easy, to bring together people with different backgrounds: As the preparation phase has shown, expectations are different. So one of the big challenges will be not to leave somebody disappointed.
Next monday, we will know more... We will keep you updated about the project as soon as new experience is available!

your Newsletter team of The Business Machine

P.S.: Attached two photos of the guest house where the meeting will start after 5 days.


 P3020056_b.JPG   P3020062_b.JPG