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Edition 2012-08-05 15:04:04
We need your help to promote the next trips to Eth

Dear members and friends of The Business Machine

The Business Machine is organising two new trips to Ethiopia (November 2012 and February 2013). The idea is to have an alternative approach with a lot of interaction with local people. For example by going to the countryside and working there with a farmer or by trying out some local handicrafts. It is all about disovering, learning and participating. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to promote development through economic activities. If you would like to know more about it, you can find information on or also in our flyer (English version, German version).

For the moment, we are still looking for participants for the two trips. And it would be great if you could help us promoting them

We have put together some activities, which would be useful for us  (the "points" are for the more competition oriented among you ;-) ):

  1. Like and share our Facebook page --> 1 point
  2. Send the attached flyer to some friends --> 3 points per mail
  3. Send a personal message about the trip on facebook to some of your friends --> 3 points per message
  4. Personally tell somebody about the trip --> 10 points
  5. Order some flyers and distribute them (besides the one attached we also have smaller ones for bikes) --> 15 points
  6. Participate yourself in the trip --> 100 points

So, thanks a lot for your help and let us know how many points you managed to collect ;-)

Below you can find a model text that you might want to use for promotion on Facebook and email (we put an English and a German version)!

Thanks for your help!

Your Business Machine newsletter team.

Promo text Email:
Freunde von mir organisieren erneut eine "etwas andere" Reise nach Äthiopien, bei der es darum geht, mit den Menschen vor Ort in Kontakt zu kommen und hinter die Kulissen zu blicken und selber anzupacken, z.B. in einem kleinen Dorf auf dem Land. Das ganze findet im Rahmen einer Initiative statt, die Entwicklung durch wirtschaftliche Aktivitäten fördern will.
Die Reise findet diesen November und nächsten Februar statt und es werden noch Teilnehmende gesucht. Vielleicht ist das ja was für dich/euch?! Mehr Informationen gibts unter

Friends of mine are organising an alternative trip to Ethiopia, which wants to promote dialogue with the people there, give tourists a chance to have a look behind the scenes and to try out themselves different tasks, for example in a small village on the countryside. The project is part of an initiative that wants to promote development through economic activities. The trip will take place this November and next February and they are looking for participants. Maybe you are interested? More information is available on

Promo text Facebook:
Freunde von mir organisieren eine tolle, interaktive Reise nach Äthiopien. Interessiert daran? Dann schau auf vorbei!

Friends of mine organise a cool interactive trip to Ethiopia. Interested to participate? Then check out!