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Edition 2012-02-24 21:27:38
General assembly/ impressions social tourism trip

Dear subscribers of the BM newsletter


It is high time for the first newsletter in 2012 in which we would like to give you some information about the current activities of The Business Machine.

General Assembly of the Business Machine
Our first General Assembly will be held on 18 March 2012 (Sunday) at 16.00h in Restaurant “Injera” in Bern. The official part (elections, modification of articles of association etc.) will be short, we rather put the focus on interactive information about the three projects and the current challenges of the Business Machine. If you want first hand information, take the chance and come.
The meeting is open to anybody interested in The Business Machine. You can also download the programme and agenda. It is also possible to attend via skype.
Thanks for subscribing for the meeting so that we know how many people will be there:

We are looking for members: Join us! Become a valuable member.
We are currently looking for people, that would like to help us with their knowledge, experience or work and we will soon come forward with a more detailed list of competences sought.
However, if you already know that you would like to support us, you can check out one of the three project groups (social tourism, game development and poultry farming) or join the “general support unit”, which consists of people, not particularly involved in the existing 3 groups, but providing counselling, ideas, and concrete support. Any help is useful!
Passive members (the annual fee is 25CHF/ 20€) who want to support our idea, are also very much welcome. Register with the following form or send us an email on 

Pilot Trip of the Social tourism group

From 6th to 17th of November 2011, a group of 10 people, coming from Germany, Austria and Switzerland participated in our first Social Tourism Trip “Ethiopia from Inside”.
The aim of the trip was to show Ethiopia in a way, normal tourists wouldn’t see the country. We arranged meetings with many different persons, worked in organisations for poor people, tried out to work with leather, bamboo, false banana tree ourselves, lived on the countryside – in a typical local house and in families in Addis Ababa.
After a detailed evaluation, we consider the trip very successful and would like to continue soon with more trips. The next edition is foreseen for October 2012. For some more pictures of the first trip and information about conclusions our conclusions and the next edition in autumn, check out the full article on our website ( or contact us on